Metropolitan 2

Sophisticated luggage for the savvy traveler!


When the journey is as important as the destination, the Tweed Legend collection is the distinctive choice. Tweed Legend melds classic, sophisticated style with contemporary design throughout. The iconic tweed exterior is treated for weather and stain resistance and crafted for an effortlessly tailored finish that will shine through years of travel. Full-grain leather handles and heritage Hartmann insignia offer the uncompromising quality and detail you expect. Our revolutionary hardened steel cartridge ball bearing wheel design ensures the ultimate maneuverability, and a 12-position contoured pull handle makes it possible to glide through even the most confined spaces effortlessly. Packing is a pleasure as well. A richly embossed, lightweight lining, pockets in the perfect places, carefully designed trifold suiters, and adjustable tie tapes allow you to arrive at your destination immaculate. With heritage craftsmanship and style, Tweed Legend accompanies the most memorable journeys.


Hartmann's Century collection combines Hartmann's timeless aesthetic with sleek, modern style. Skilled craftsmen construct the exterior using the highest quality twill polyester. The result? A tailored finish that's designed to withstand years of travel. A clever expandable design ensures you always have a little extra space when you need it. The virgin aluminum handle and ball bearing wheels provide seamless luxury you can feel. Each spinner includes a trifold suiter, the contemporary solution to transport your hanging garments neatly. Heritage Ducord™ striped accents, a lustrous embossed lining, tie tapes and zippered pockets complete each piece. Because your luggage should be as capable as it is elegant. 


Ratio introduces StrideAlign™ technology with the new style, the Glider™ case Ratio merges executive sophistication with the innovation of StrideAlign™ technology. Every aspect of the travel experience is improved with the dynamics of StrideAlign™ technology. StrideAlign™ technology’s unique, gravity-hugging profile and wide wheel base assist a Glider™ case in remaining stable on all surfaces and terrains. The wider, twelve position, StrideAlign™ technology contoured handle, tailors to the traveler’s physiology and allows multiple points of comfort and interaction. The ergonomic proportions of StrideAlign™ technology make carrying a Glider™ case easier. The effortless wheel motion is achieved by the use of twelve individual, hardened steel cartridge bearings in the wheel system. Tailored interiors with outstanding organization ensure elegant packing of a Glider™ case. Ratio Glider™ cases, with StrideAlign™ technology, bring elegance to movement

Ratio Classic Deluxe

Ratio Classic Deluxe merges classic Hartmann style with the innovation of Stridealign ™ technology. Stridgealign™ technology's unique, gravity-hugging profile and wide wheel base assists a Glider™ case in remaining stable on all surfaces and terrains. Contoured handles tailor to the traveler's physiology and allows multiple points of comfort and interaction.


The zenith of lightweight travel arrives with 7R. Modern design, ultra lightweightness, exceedingly durable metalized Curv® material, and the craft of leather intersect with this evolutionary collection. For travelers who know they have arrived, 7R, the Luxury of Lightness.


The Belting Collection is made using the finest American made, vegetable tanned leather, known as belting leather. Hartmann has been using belting leather since 1939. In that year, the president of Hartmann presented the belt of a flywheel to a tannery to show the strength and durability he expected for Hartmann products. Belting leather retains its natural characteristics such as barb wire marks and wrinkles, giving individuality not found in other leathers. Belting leather acquires an even more appealing finish as it ages, a quality known as burnish or patina.