Material Information

Curv® Material
Hartmann InnovAire and 7R are made from the revolutionary Curv® material.  Curv is self-reinforced 100% polypropylene composite, manufactured by Propex and exclusive to Samsonite LLC within the luggage category.
Curv® is created by heating and compressing multiple layers of woven polypropylene fabric into incredibly strong and lightweight sheets. These sheets are then molded using a patented process to form the outer shells of InnovAire and 7R.  Curv material is known for its high energy absorption, lightweight qualities and outstanding shock impact performance. 

Aviator Leather
The softly milled, full-grain leather is light weight and has been chosen for its easy feel and extreme durability. This chrome tanned leather with an exterior aniline finish is designed to withstand extreme harsh conditions while maintaining its quality and style.

Belting Leather
For more than 60 years, Belting leather has been the finest leather available in the industry and synonymous with Hartmann. Industrial Belting Leather was originally used as belts for machinery in the 1800's; hence the name and its strength. The full-grain leather is selected from young steer hides, chosen for their beauty and durability. Our 100% natural vegetable vat-tanning process allows the leather to retain all of its unique characteristics, "nature's beauty marks," such as barbed wire scratches and fat wrinkles, giving each Hartmann piece individuality not found in other leathers. The leather is is finished with a full aniline dye system to provide rich color and water resistance that will age handsomely.

Capital™ Collection Leather
The Capital Collection is handcrafted using a full-grain upper cowhide that is chrome tanned with a vegetable re-tannage. It is finished with an aniline system that provides for vibrant color definition and a semi-lustrous surface look. The leather is "struck through" to penetrate the entire hide to prevent discoloration from abrasions.

Full Grain Leather
Hartmann uses the finest full-grain leather from steer hides, which are chrome-tanned with a vegetable re-tannage. The leather is struck through with a re-tan formula in which the dyestuffs penetrate through the entire hide to prevent discoloration from abrasions. The leather is then finished with a semi-aniline system that provides for vibrant color definition and a semi-lustrous surface look.

Intensity® Ballistic Nylon Fabric
The Intensity Collection is handcrafted using ballistic nylon, the same material used in bullet proof vests. This self-healing, 1050 denier ballistic nylon is coated with a durable water-resistant finish to repel grease and dirt. This fabric combines the best of scuff- and tear-resistance with the beauty and durability for which Hartmann products are known.

Luxe™ Italian Embossed Leather
The sumptuous embossed leather features a Crocodile imprint design with a lightweight feel. The Embossed Croc Leather is the perfect combination of extreme durability, modern performance and timeless style.

Luxe™ Wool
The Luxe Collection is handcrafted from durable wool/nylon blend fabrics that are woven in the U.S.A. by Woolrich® and are treated to repel water and stains. They are backed with sateen for extra strength and firmness.

Constructed from woven nylon fabric, Packcloth provides lightweight durable performance. These fabrics offer enhanced tear and abrasion resistance.

Tweed™ Fabric
For more than 35 years, Hartmann’s exclusive Tweed fabric has been woven in the U.S.A. from super strength nylon for unsurpassed durability in a blend of colors that stay crisp looking for many years. This fabric is easy to care for, maintains its shape, color and strength and does not scuff or fray. It is treated to repel grease, dirt and stains.

Wings® Diamond Monogram Jacquard Fabric
The Wings Collection is constructed of a 100% polyester jacquard and stripe fabric in a Diamond Monogram pattern, which is woven exclusively for Hartmann. This fabric is treated for lasting protection against water, stains and dirt. In durability tests, the Diamond Monogram fabric was found to be highly resistant to abrasion, water, and oil.

State-of-the-art high-gloss 100% virgin polycarbonate technology, this high density, streamlined design offers four polycarbonate layers with exceptionally high levels of impact resistance. With four polycarbonate layers of engineered performance, PC4 maintains its color even when scratched. This collection features water and stain resistant coordinating interior lining.